Family fun
for water lovers

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Family fun
for water lovers

Fun in the pool for all ages

We have renovated our indoor pool area especially for you!
In the spring of 2016, we renovated our indoor pool area for you. In addition to a 15 m x 6 m x 1.35 m pool (28°C), our pool area now includes a whirlpool and a children’s pool heated to approx. 34°C.

The children’s corner also features a rain shower, special lights, a slide and a water fountain.

Keeping abreast with sustainability

‘Grander’ water revitalisation system: Thanks to this procedure, all the water used in the resort is revitalised. A subtle taste and softer consistency are the results. Use of less chlorine in the pool and spa area results in less odour and is more pleasant for your skin.

The indoor pool is open to hotel guests daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.